Terms & Conditions



Subject to change in accordance with government laws, 16% of products and services.

Additional driver:

The price for adding an additional controller is USD 4, not including taxes. Rental company charges for young/senior drivers apply to all additional drivers.

Additional charges:

Additional charges apply for navigation system, child seats, booster or other additional requirements.

Additional services to pay locally:

Any additional equipment or services must be requested at the time of booking and must be paid for directly to the rental company when you pick up the vehicle. All prices are subject to change and the rental company reserves the right to modify them without prior notice.

After your rental:

In case of applicable additional costs, such as speeding tickets or congestion charges, the rental company will try to contact you when the authorities request the identity of the driver. Such a process could occur months after the rental, and will involve the payment of the administrative fee imposed by the company, in addition to the original amount of the penalty.

Important: To make it easier to compare between different companies, we have standardized the names of these positions. Please note that the names used by the rental company on your reservation may be different.


The minimum driving age is 21 years, for all categories, except for city cars (MDMR, EDMR, HDMR, HDAR, NDMR, CDMR).

A young driver surcharge of $4 per day + tax will apply to all drivers between the ages of 18 and 21.

Airport surcharge:

USD 10 plus tax for rent. Our offices are located inside the airport, international departures sector. Provide your flight information, airline, country of origin, email, and your cell phone number. Our representative will be waiting for international/domestic arrivals to pick you up. Call us at +591 76630118 - +591 77285833 - +591 77205118.

Included free of charge within the urban area. It will have a cost if the assistance that is required is outside the city. 24-hour emergency telephone: +591 76630118 - +591 77285833 - +591 77205118.

Rental Deposit:

SECURITY DEPOSIT USD 2,000.00. During pickup, the main driver will be locked with a security deposit of US$ 2,000.00 on your credit card. Debit cards and cash will not be accepted. The card must be enabled to make purchases abroad. The office staff will confirm the exact amount of the deposit.

Vehicle Condition:

The vehicle must be returned, normal wear and tear expected, in the same condition as when rented. If special cleaning is required, a separate charge of $30 to $60 will apply depending on the return status of the vehicle cleaning. Smoking inside the vehicle, handling animals or spilling liquids that stain the upholstery is prohibited, with an additional charge of rental days, for the time the vehicle is out of service for special cleaning.

Accepted credit cards:

American Express



This company [does not accept] prepaid, reloadable or virtual cards, or any other type of card that does not have the seal.

Delivery / Collection:

Full Tank to Full Tank: If the vehicle returned, the full tank will not be charged for refueling service charges.

Full tank option; 0.89 cents is paid in advance at the beginning of the rental. Dollar per liter it is no longer necessary to fill the fuel tank at the time of return. Refunds are not made for fuel not consumed when the rental ends. For clients who rent more than three days, this service is recommended. If the car is not returned with a full tank of fuel or this service was not contracted, Europcar Bolivia will charge 1.07 cents. dollar per liter of fuel.

Driver's license:

A valid driver's license must be at least 1 year from first issue, no international license is required for up to 6 months in the country.



The vehicle will be given to you with a full or partially full tank of fuel. You must leave a deposit to cover the cost of fuel. The office staff will verify the corresponding amount on your credit card. You must return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel with which it was delivered.

Grace period:

59 minutes late return will be for a full day charge at the available local rate.


Deductible for collision damage, theft, total loss. Charges may vary depending on the car category. Data is available at Europcar offices.

Basic CDW/THW Coverage

In the event that the bodywork is damaged during the rental, the maximum amount that you could have to pay would be the so-called "damage excess". Coverage will only be valid if the terms of the rental agreement are met. other parts of the vehicle (such as windows, wheels, interiors, roof, or bottom), fees (such as towing or unused time), or objects inside it (such as child seats, GPS devices, or personal effects).

Damage or accidents must be reported immediately to activate CDW / THW; otherwise, the full values of the damages themselves and the third parties involved will be charged to the customer's credit card. 10% damage administration fee.

Failure to comply with the terms and conditions of the lease (for example, if the vehicle is misused or driven recklessly or under the influence of alcohol or drugs or if EUROPAR is not informed, within 02 hours after the occurrence of the accident, between others), the client will lose the protection that he contracted and will be responsible for the total cost of repair and/or replacement of the vehicle. None of the protections described above cover traffic violations, loss of personal property, cost will be the sole responsibility of the client or judicial or extrajudicial costs. When the client rents a EUROPCAR vehicle, he is responsible for returning the vehicle in the same conditions in which it was delivered.

Supplemental Insurance

In the event of an accident, this package only contemplates the payment of half of the deductible of the CDW / THW coverage as a result of a collision, theft, rollover and total loss of the vehicle.

It includes protection in case of personal accidents (PAI) and double coverage in relation to CDW in case of damage to third parties. The minimum age required to contract this package is 26 years for the main driver.

Immediately inform the offices about the damage or accident that occurred, otherwise you will be charged for all damages. The loss of benefits due to the deterioration of the vehicle will be calculated using the agreed rental price.

This protection does not cover damage from broken tires, tires and windshields. It does not cover the loss of accessories such as tires, emergency tires, rims, radios, speakers, headrests and mirrors, among others. Theft of engine parts or components is also not covered.

CDW/THW Basic Coverage Decline

CDW is optional and is generally purchased by customers who are not covered for vehicle damage or loss by their credit card company (or insurance linked to a credit card). For your own protection, we prefer that all customers present a valid letter or proof of coverage from their credit card issuer with a verifiable phone number and/or email address to confirm that CDW coverage is provided by their credit card.

In the event that the fare does not include CDW, passengers may decline CDW, $2,500 will be blocked plus credit card guarantee for cars and $3,000 for SUVs, Pickups and Vans and will be refunded when the vehicle is safely returned.

One-way rentals:

1) Domestic:

Available between Europcar rental centers. If you decide to rent a vehicle from one location and return it to a different location, the rental company may charge you a one-time fee for the costs incurred when you return the vehicle to the moving office.

You must inform us in advance if you wish to make a one-way reservation. On the other hand, if you return the vehicle in a different office than the one established in your reservation, the rental company will penalize you with an additional charge.

We will confirm the price of this service once you have made your reservation and we have received a confirmation from the rental company.

If you choose to rent a vehicle at one location and return it in a different city, rates vary based on the location's minimum of 3 rental days. The following sipp codes are not allowed MDMR, HDMR, HDAR, CDMR, IDAR, IDMR, and DDAR. The MDMR, HDMR, HDAR, CDMR, IDAR, IDMR, DDAR category can only be used on paved roads within the urban radius of the city.

2) International:

The rates vary according to the route that the client makes, minimum 3 days of rental. Subject to cost and availability, request 7 days in advance. Available between Europcar rental centers must be paid for the countries of: Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, making a contact procedure in advance +591 76630118 - +591 77285833 - +591 77205118.

Limited mileage:

Kilometers are limited to 100 km per day, where additional kilometers will be charged

@ 0.35 - 0.60 / km varies by group and vehicle category.

Local Charges:

This section shows the charges that must be paid at the rental office. These charges depend on the collection location, the driver and the type of trip that will be made with the vehicle.

This section does not include additional charges that will be applied at the fuel rental office, child seats or other additional services. Please refer to the terms and conditions of your reservation for information on other possible applicable charges.

You are responsible for all charges and penalties, including toll charges, congestion charges, and traffic fines.

Circulation: You must only circulate on asphalt roads, it is prohibited to drive on dirt roads, unauthorized roads, lagoons and rivers, paved roads or roads that compromise the condition of the vehicle, an exception can only be made with the approval of the National Administration.

Insurance: It must be taken compulsorily:

Protection against bumps, accidents or theft.

Protection for third parties.

Tire and windshield protection.

Extraterritorial protection for own damages.

Loyal customer: This promotion applies to our customers who do not have a negative history with the company.

Promotions: No other promotion applies

Speed: The Ministry of Government reported the approval of a Supreme Decree that temporarily modifies the Regulations of the Traffic Code to establish "maximum speeds" on roads and highways throughout the country.

The norm establishes maximum speeds of 60 kilometers per hour for dirt roads and 80 kilometers per hour for paved roads, the decree establishes according to an institutional bulletin.

Guarantee: During the collection, the main driver will block the credit card, a security deposit of USD 2,000. No cash guarantee will be accepted. The office staff will confirm the exact amount of the deposit.

Rental: The rental payment will be made in advance, does not include on-site assistance, does not include roadside assistance, does not include vehicle maintenance. It is billed for the days established in the contract if the client returns before the partial or total rent is not reimbursed. If you do not comply with any of the aforementioned points, you will proceed to pay your rental at the normal rate of 100 km per day.

Paid in advance: If the passenger returns the car before the agreed rental period for any reason, he will not be entitled to a refund for the unused days. No refund will be given to the customer who does not pick up the vehicle at the time the rental begins and who has not canceled it.


Services outside opening hours:

Please contact us if you wish to pick up or return the vehicle outside of office opening hours (either due to delay or change of plans). If so, the service will have an additional cost. The cost of this service is USD 19.00, not including taxes.

Terms and conditions of additional services:

All additional equipment or services are subject to local taxes and sales taxes.

If you need additional equipment, you must leave a deposit at the rental location when you pick up the vehicle.

Traffic tickets:

The renter undertakes and enforces the traffic laws and rules, also the instructions issued by the authority and its agents while using the rented vehicle, assuming full responsibility for fines, fines or fines for traffic violations or violations of municipal law or by any competent authority. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the tenant or any of the authorized drivers to pay the expenses that may be imposed on the owner.

For all purposes, including for the events mentioned in the preceding paragraphs, the Renter irrevocably authorizes the Owner, so that deferred charges may apply when charging your credit card, these charges correspond to the amounts due, to violations of the traffic law made during the rental period, as well as the amounts due due to damage to the leased vehicle or to third parties. In cases where the payment is not made through a credit card, the charges on the indicated items will be reflected in the direct invoice to the company or person that leases the vehicle, this person or company being responsible for the final payment.

Tire Usage:

2nd mandatory tire for remote routes (Salar de Uyuni, Beni, Yungas, etc.).

Special tires for dirt roads

Special tires for gravel roads

In special circumstances, the use of dirt or gravel tires is mandatory in Bolivia. In the case of dirt or gravel, vehicles can only run with tires for this type of terrain with a specific specification mark. Drivers must use this type of tire or they will be subject to fines and tire replacement. If you find a driver with asphalt tires on gravel, you can be charged up to a $60 fine plus tire replacement if damaged. If the vehicle obstructs traffic or is abandoned, the fine will be double depending on the distance and loads.

Use of vehicles:

The lessee agrees not to allow anyone to drive the rented vehicle unless authorized by Europcar.

The renter agrees that neither he nor any of the additional drivers mentioned will use the vehicle through unpaved roads, crossing rivers, lakes or other water areas that endanger the operation or integrity of the vehicle. Also, towing objects, fun running and driving, bad roads, teaching how to drive, renting the vehicle without permission from Europcar.

Failure to comply with it will make you responsible for paying the resulting damages and fines.

Some driving restrictions may apply to drive in certain areas, details are available at Europcar Bolivia offices.

It is forbidden to travel through lagoons, unauthorized routes, rivers.

One additional driver is allowed due to insurance restrictions.

Vehicle replacement:

Car replacement subject to availability and must be requested at the station. In the event of an accident, the passenger will be fully

responsible for the costs of transporting or towing the car to the Europcar station.

This service is limited by geographical distance. 24-hour emergency telephone: +591 76630118 - +591 77285833 - +591 77205118.

City Cars:

Vehicles with the acriss MDMR, HDMR, HDAR, CDMR, IDAR, IDMR, DDAR have the following restrictions.

In case of non-compliance with any of the points mentioned above, a fine of USD 100 per day will be applied.

Salar de Uyuni

To enter the Salar de Uyuni, the client must request Special Preparation for the vehicle.

The fine for breaking the rule is USD 1,500.

Early Return

If the customer returns the vehicle early, no refund will be issued.

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